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Best Guitar Pedals For Blues

Blues rock is one of the most popular genres for many guitar players. That is why you’ll need the best guitar pedals to achieve the blues tone. High energy, and simple constructions make it a favourite for jamming, sound-checking and general fun with the guitar for everyone from beginner to pro. It has its roots […]

Experimental Effects Pedals

It is inevitable that as guitar players, we can often fall into the classic rock / blues trap. This music is great to listen to, play and jam out with other musicians, but after a while, it is easy to get stuck and end up playing only this style and become typecast as ‘the pentatonic […]

How To Get A Vintage Classic Rock Tone For Guitar

Classic rock tones are often very sought after by guitar players, thanks to their brilliantly rich, simplistic overdriven sound and edgy rocking tone. Both amplifier companies and effects pedal manufacturers’ alike offer a variety of ways in which you can get those classic crunchy tones. Distortion and overdrive pedals marketed to this kind of player […]

Definition and Drone: Aspects of Effects Pedals

Music changes over time. This is a constant, reliable fact that is clearly evident just from listening to any two songs from any two different eras. Changes in musical influences and tastes means that demands on effects and amplification also inevitably change alongside music. Certain sounds and tones come and go out of fashion over […]