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Best Guitar Pedals For Blues

Blues rock is one of the most popular genres for many guitar players. That is why you’ll need the best guitar pedals to achieve the blues tone. High energy, and simple constructions make it a favourite for jamming, sound-checking and general fun with the guitar for everyone from beginner to pro. It has its roots […]

Experimental Effects Pedals

It is inevitable that as guitar players, we can often fall into the classic rock / blues trap. This music is great to listen to, play and jam out with other musicians, but after a while, it is easy to get stuck and end up playing only this style and become typecast as ‘the pentatonic […]

How To Get A Vintage Classic Rock Tone For Guitar

Classic rock tones are often very sought after by guitar players, thanks to their brilliantly rich, simplistic overdriven sound and edgy rocking tone. Both amplifier companies and effects pedal manufacturers’ alike offer a variety of ways in which you can get those classic crunchy tones. Distortion and overdrive pedals marketed to this kind of player […]

Tube Amplifiers and Guitar Pickups

Good sound with an electric guitar has a lot to do with pickups and amplifiers. One is responsible for converting your playing into an electrical signal, and the other is responsible for amplifying that signal and shaping its tonal characteristics. The two can work together to create stunning tones and textures, and different combinations will […]

Choosing The Right Guitar and Bass Pickups

One of the most important things on a guitar which can change the sound and completely affect the tone and signal power sent to your effects and amp is the pickup. Basically, the pickup is designed to take the acoustic vibrations from the strings, and convert the waves into electrical signals. Usually, they do this […]

Guitar Music In The 1980’s

Many people acknowledge the amazing era of rock music which was the 1970s. This era saw rock music jump up in popularity, with a host of bands making music with the standard vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass and drums line up. Bands used tube amps, chose effects pedals tastefully and soloed like there was […]

Playing The Guitar And Concentration

What do you think of while playing the guitar onstage? Do you focus on getting the notes right? Do you think a few moves ahead to make sure you know where you are going? Are you focused on whether the drummer is pushing or lagging? Considering ways to get the crowd to react? Dreaming up […]