Best Guitar Pedals For Blues

Blues rock is one of the most popular genres for many guitar players. That is why you’ll need the best guitar pedals to achieve the blues tone. High energy, and simple constructions make it a favourite for jamming, sound-checking and general fun with the guitar for everyone from beginner to pro. It has its roots in the American South, and developed from a style of music which was very culturally specific. Famous players like Stevie Ray Vaughan in the US and Eric Clapton in the UK took the original soulful, emotional blues formula and added a rough blend of edgy rock to it, in order to develop blues rock into what we all know and love today.

best pedals for guitar

High energy, rugged, simplistic styles of music obviously go best with a no-nonsense, high energy guitar rig setup, and – perhaps not surprisingly – overdrive pedals lend themselves extremely well to this kind of playing. While the first pedal in any rig should really be a compressor, the most useful pedal for a strong blues rock tone is the humble overdrive. Two overdrives in series are even better, as one can be set up to get the gritty edge on the overdrive tone, and the other can be set to a higher volume with low gain, to use as a boost for solos and such when needed, without coloring the tone too much.

My Top Blues Guitar Pedals

So, compressor into boosting pedal (can be an overdrive) into overdrive pedal. What else? A good tube amplifier which responds well to dynamics in your playing and works well with your overdrive of choice. This is all you really need for a reliable, standard blues rock setup. The amp is the most important element for getting a genuine bluesy grit in the tone, but even when using a solid state amplifier, the best overdrive pedals will fill the gap to an extent, and compensate a bit for the lack of valves.

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