Definition and Drone: Aspects of Effects Pedals

Music changes over time. This is a constant, reliable fact that is clearly evident just from listening to any two songs from any two different eras. Changes in musical influences and tastes means that demands on effects and amplification also inevitably change alongside music. Certain sounds and tones come and go out of fashion over […]

How To Achieve Natural Tube Distortion

There‚Äôs a huge difference between distortion obtained in a natural way from overdriving a tube amplifier, and distortion gained through digital modeling or simulated patches. One is alive, responsive and warm, while the other is generic, bland and cold. Despite huge developments in sound modeling, post production editing and digital effects, there remains a tangible […]

Playing The Guitar And Concentration

What do you think of while playing the guitar onstage? Do you focus on getting the notes right? Do you think a few moves ahead to make sure you know where you are going? Are you focused on whether the drummer is pushing or lagging? Considering ways to get the crowd to react? Dreaming up […]

What Makes A Great Practice Amp

Tube amps are fantastic on a big stage in front of a huge audience. Everything about them is epic. The wooden frames, metal grilles, huge speaker stacks and glowing tubes all contribute to a feeling of pure tonal power. They look the part, they are tried and tested staples of good rock guitar bands for […]